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Sara's Fat Dozen 

         I made this pattern for my daughter.  I had purchased some flannel fat quarters but did not have enough of any one fabric to try a traditional quilt pattern.  I decided to play around with my options, trying to use as much of the fabric as possible with very little leftover.  All you need is 12 fat quarters and some coordinating border fabric (optional) and you can make this fun & easy quilt for someone special in your life!


Requirements to finish at 62" x 82"

12 fat quarters (FQ)

0.5 m border fabric #1

1 m border fabric #2

0.75 m binding fabric 



Arrange the 12 FQ into three groups with 4 different fabric in each group.  Label the first group of 4 fabrics block A, label the second group block B and label the third group block C.  Predetermine the order in which these fabrics will be arranged within the square and label the fabrics 1 through 4. 

I have compiled 12 FQ with similar patterns in different colors and arranged them so the blocks A, B and C each have different colors but have matching pattern placement.

Block A   Block A

Block B   Block B

Block C    Block C

Alternatively you could have arranged them so each block has a variety of patterns but have matching color placement. 

Block A   Block A

Block B   Block B

Block C   Block C

Cut each FQ into six strips that are 3" x 21" each.  (If your FQ are too small, cut six strips 2 3/4" x 20" and assemble blocks that finish at 9" square.)

Sew strips together in your predetermined order.  Attach strip 1 to strip 2 and strip 3 to strip 4.  Set and press seams in the same direction for all sets.  Then sew strip 2 onto strip 3.  Set and press seams.  Continue to do this until you have six sets each for Blocks A, B and C.  Cut each of these assembled strip sets into two 10 1/2" squares.  (9 1/2" squares if your FQ were too small.)  Now you should have 12 blocks for each group and 36 blocks in total. 

 Arrange the blocks so that you have 7 rows with 5 blocks in each row, alternating the orientation of strips from vertical to horizontal, like you can see in the picture.  For row 1, start with Block A, then a rotated Block B, an upright Block C, next a rotated Block A and lastly an upright Block B.  Then for row 2 you will start with a rotated Block B and continue in a similar fashion for the remainder of the quilt, using the photo for guidance.  The blocks are arranged so that there is a secondary diagonal pattern happening - which is why the first block in row 2 matches the second block in row 1.  (Of course you may wish to arrange the blocks in your quilt in a different fashion.)  

Cut border fabric #1 into seven 2 1/2" strips.  Cut border fabric #2 into seven 4 1/2" strips.  Assemble border strips and attach as you normally would.  (Make sure to measure the body of the quilt across the center both vertically and horizontally as you continue to assemble the quilt top.  Use these measurements to cut the border strips the correct length BEFORE attaching to the sides or top/bottom of the quilt.  Note, you will have to remeasure after each border attachment.  This will help assure the quilt remains square and flat.)  

Cut the binding fabric into eight 2 1/2" strips.  Sew them together end to end, pressing seams open.  Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press.  The use of Best Press with help give a nice crisp fold to your binding. Attach binding to your quilt and finish as you would normally.


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