Deluxe Corner Trimmer

Regular price $19.99

With the Deluxe Corner Trimmer, you can cut away the "dog ears" on four different acute angle corners and square corners, and you can confirm the size of all the angles, including the outside angle on 60 degree and 45 degree diamonds.  Hand piecers and machine piecers alike use the Deluxe Corner Trimmer to mark the dot where adjacent seam lines meet at a corner.

The Deluxe Corner Trimmer also allows you to trim the extra fabric on 60 degree and 53.5 degree corners.  No matter what size the piece is, the excess created on a corner when you add 1/4" seam allowance is the same, so when the edges of the tool on both sides of the corners are aligned with the fabric, that is the excess amount of fabric to cut off.