Layer Cake / Jelly Roll Club

Sale price $52.99 Regular price $61.99

Everyone loves getting mail!  Receive an exciting parcel of fabric - an entire collection or assortment ready for your next project.

Get one jelly roll or one layer cake mailed to you each month.  Save up to 40% off the regular price of each item.  Each month you will pay $38 plus taxes and shipping, to get one item delivered right to your mailbox.  These are Moda brand or Robert Kaufman jelly rolls with 40 - 2.5" strips or Moda brand layer cakes with 42 - 10" squares.  

There is an option to join the club on a bi-monthly basis, where you will get one item mailed to you every second month.

Also, there is an option to get a matching jelly roll and layer cake combo mailed to you on a bi-monthly basis and save on shipping. 

Sign up and get one mailed today!  

Bi-monthly club mail outs are September, November, January, March, May and July.