Personalize Your Project With Custom Patterns

Order a custom pattern to add a personal touch to your next project. Get a paper piecing pattern that will enable you to add a unique element to your next tote bag, mug rug, cosmetic bag or any project.  Stitch a unique wall hanging or decor element that will add to pizzazz every room. A definite conversation starter. 

Add a 3-letter monogram to your next gift or personalize a his & hers set. We have a couple of common sizes available and some popular words, however we can make any size, shape or word - reach out through email to make a custom pattern just for you! 

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The project in the picture was one designed and completed for Project Quilting Season 15 hosted by Persimon Dreams. This is a challenge held in the first quarter of each year where quilters and crafters design and complete their own project within a week and each week has a unique theme and guidelines. This is my project that was completed for the theme INSIDE OUT.  I decided to design a paper piecing pattern, make it twice and display one panel inside out to look like a mirror image. There are more pictures of my project on my Instagram page