Longarm Services

Here at Blazin' Stitches we offer longarm services in a range of styles and designs from simple all over patterns to detailed custom quilting.  Reach out on Instagram or call Krista at 709-572-1714 to discuss the quilting options for your project.  All types of quilts welcome from scenic applique to scrap happy patchwork to traditional patterns and everything in between.  There is an extensive library of photos of our longarm quilting work in the albums of our Facebook Group 'Blazin' Stitches by Krista Penney'. Links to our Instagram and Facebook group can also be found at the bottom of the page. 

We only use excellent quality threads and batting in our quilting.  There is a wide variety of thread options - such as the bold, thick, variegated thread like King Tut, the awesome medium weight cotton Aurifil thread in solids & variegated, or the thin, almost invisible 100 wt MicroQuilter, just to name a few.  All our customers are pleased with their quilting results and often return with a second or third quilt.  Quilting should never result in a stiff quilt or thread breakage and we would be happy to discuss the quilting procedure with you. 

We have been longarm quilting since 2012 and all our work is free-motion and self driven - no computer and no pantographs. Our experience includes working with several different types of batting and have worked with high quality 100% polyester, 80/20 poly/cotton, 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/bamboo, silk batting and 100% wool. We also have experience quilting with multiple layers of batting to add warmth or emphasis to the quilting texture.

Some quilts require a special touch or some extra attention to detail.  Visit here to see some of our custom quilting work and our quilting with rulers.  We also have experience quilting over and around applique and you can view this work here